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Etched kit for an
Andrew Barclay 12” 0-4-0 Pug in 7mm scale

Kilmarnock Works Pug

These etches build the cabless version of the standard 12” piano tank. Nickel Silver etches only for body, coupling and connecting rods. Profile milled brass frames. Please note that no castings are supplied but drawings are included.

£38 inc UK postage.

The Port Road by Andrew Swan

This excellent book is unfortunately out of stock at the Association but may still be available elsewhere.

Port Road

Scale Drawings

Sold in packs sometimes with a variety of drawings and supporting pictures. Almost all of the major locomotive classes and some other rolling stock available. Mostly to 7mm scale but a few also in 4mm. Priced from £3 upwards depending on how many sheets are involved. E-mail with your list of wants for a quote on price and availability.

Out of Print Journals. We have a small selection of 2nd hand journals, please e-mail for availability.

Postage is not included in the prices given, once you have settled on your order, please e-mail Ian for a quote. Cheques payable to G&SWR Assn please.

Please send orders and enquiries to:

Ian Middleditch,
90 Ardrossan Road,
West Kilbride,
KA23 9LX